Accelerometer-based, hand-held navigation for improved knee alignment in total knee arthroplasty: An observational study

Published:November 09, 2021DOI:



      Malalignment in total knee arthroplasty has been associated with poor implant longevity and clinical outcomes. The aim of this study was to investigate the accuracy of accelerometer-based navigation in restoring the mechanical axis.


      106 primary total knee arthroplasties performed during February 2016 to September 2017 at a tertiary care centre in India were enrolled in this observational study. We noted the intra-op tourniquet time. Two separate blinded observers measured the preoperative mechanical axis and the post operative radiological results (mechanical axis, coronal and sagittal alignment of femoral and tibial components) and the mean value was taken as final data. Interclass correlation was done to look for variability between the two observers.


      The mean pre operative mechanical axis was 13.74 ± 10.44. The mean tourniquet time was 53.14 ± 7.42 min 91.5% (96/106) knees were within ±3° of neutral mechanical axis with a mean of 1.00° ± 2.68°. The femoral and tibial components with coronal alignment within ±3° perpendicular to the mechanical axis were 93.39% (99/106) and 89.62% (95/106) respectively. In the sagittal plane 89.62% of the femoral components and 87.73% of the tibial components were within ±3° perpendicular to the axis of tibia.


      The Accelerometer based portable navigation system effectively reduces the coronal and sagittal alignment outliers in total knee arthroplasty and has no role in rotational alignment of components.


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